CMG 2019

CMG Suite also is breaking various fields to simulate and model building and refinement advanced recovery processes by processing in parallel is. Some of these processes include the actions and reactions of cross-disciplinary such as thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics and fluid phase behavior as well as hydraulic and search well named.

Features and specifications of CMG Suite:

– Set Equation of State (EoS) for compliance with the accuracy of the results of laboratory analysis and predict the behavior of fluids

– Understand the distribution property inside the system liquid tank , in different evacuation situations

– Improve understanding of the reservoir operation process

– model of realistic branches of wells

– model of multilateral and geometric precision

– Use CMOST to optimize equipment location and search

– easily and effectively visualize and analyze data in the output and simulation time.

– decision -making quick and informed and improve recovery and performance of an AND or several fields

– Real-time updates of simulation results and their progress

– Repeat the facility plan for wells and group them at high speed for production analysis

– Integration All of the properties owned and produced by the three-dimensional

– Simple workflow management and data integration in relation to results

– Manipulate and check information and create correlation tables

– Carefully enter the data from the application of modeling Geological third

– Increase confidence in forecasting

– Increase the effectiveness of capital and team through optimization

– Assess the sensitivity of targets to different parameter values

– the category and date match the model with data fields and laboratories , including related to temperature and 4 D seismic

– Good optimization and distance fracture to increase NPV and EUR production

– Detailed physics model of all on-site retrieval processes


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