CMG v2021.101 x64


CMG Suite is still breaking ground for simulating and building models and refining Advanced Improvement Different processes by processing It is parallel . These processes include interactions Disciplinary interactions such as thermal effects, geochemistry, geomechanics and fluid behavior and phase, as well as well hydraulics and search.

CMG Suite Features:

  • Set up Foreign equations (EoS) To Conformity meticulous, with accuracy Results Laboratory analyze And Forecast Behavior Fluids
  •  Understand Property Distribution inside Tank Liquid System , the door moods Different Discharge
  • Improvement Understand From Process Use Tank
  • Realistic modeling of well branches
  • Multilateral modeling And High precision geometry
  • Use of CMOST To Optimization Location Equipment And Search
  • Easily And Effectively to Visualization And analyze Output and simulate their data.
  • Decision Take Fast And consciously And   Improvement Recovery And implementation of One And Or a few backgrounds
  • Update real time Results Simulate and improve them
  • Repetition Plan Facilities To Well And Group them at high speed for   analyze Production
  • Integration Full From Specifications Ownership And Production with Environment   Three-dimensional
  • Simple workflow management And Integration data the door Relation With Results
  • Manipulation And check Information And Creation Tables Correlation– Carefully import data From Programs modeling Geology third person– Increase Self Confidence the door Forecast– Increase Effectiveness Fund And Team through Optimization– Evaluation allergy Targets To Amounts Different Parameter– Rating and History Conformity Model With data Background And Laboratory , Including Temperature related And 4 D A tremor– Optimization Good And Fracture Space To Increase Production NPV And EUR– Precise physics model of all on-site recovery processes

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