DNV GL Phast and Safeti 8.4 x64


Phast is a consequence analysis software tool used by safety engineers to assess the risk of industrial activity, and to determine the extent of the hazards and potential casualties resulting from accidents.

Prediction and modeling of events prior to occurrence has always been one of the goals of safety engineers. There are many techniques and methods in this regard. But modeling the consequences of accidents without using expert software is very time consuming and mostly error-prone. Phast is one of several products developed by DNV , a pioneer in hazard assessment and industrial accidents. As a result, this software is recognized as one of the corporate and government decision-making tools in industrial and public safety hazards.


Phast has been extensively reviewed and evaluated. In addition, the results of a separate study of the comprehensive UDM Outcome Model presented by DNV indicate that both the theory and the ability of this model to predict events are highly efficient. This software is special for modeling fire, explosion and release … toxic substances in industrial units and is now purchased and used by the world\\\’s largest oil and gas companies .
Modeling the consequences of probable events in a process unit is one of the most important stages of risk assessment. This stage involves modeling the release of substances into the environment, followed by modeling the consequences of toxicity, ignition, or explosion. Today, this step is performed by computer software due to the complexity of the modeling relationships and the time it takes to solve them. Phast software simulates events such as fire and explosion of tanks and pipes and graphically presents the results of the impact range. These results are used in emergency response planning and complexity planning.

Features and Features of Phast Software:

– Predict events before they happen

– Modeling events before they occur

– Modeling the consequences of accidents

– Risk from industrial activities

– Determine the risks

– Possible casualties due to accidents

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