GOHFER 9.3 x64 (one pc)


GOHFER is a flexible multidisciplinary simulation software that is used exclusively in hydraulic gap simulation. This software has been used in designing, analyzing and optimizing the process of completing oil wells and has included almost all the necessary tools. GOHFER stands for Grid Oriented Hydraulic Fracture Extension Replicator and is widely used in 3D simulation of flat geometric gaps. The software is also equipped with a liquid and solid material transfer simulation system that changes the final results of the project to some extent. This tool has been used in various companies for about 40 years and its good and reliable performance has been approved by experts.

This software has challenged all the old design paradigms and philosophies and with its new and modern methods has helped to design more predictable and optimal projects. The proprietary formulation of this software has been used in various types of oil tanks around the world and its good and optimal performance has been proven over time. Well completion is a step-by-step and complex process that equips an oil well with the equipment needed for extraction. This software has about 58% of the market share, which shows its extraordinary performance.

Modules provided by GOHFER software

  • Petrophysical Analysis
  • Fracture Simulation & Production
  • Pressure Diagnostics
  • Production Analysis
  • Real Time

GOHFER Features:

  • Simultaneous control of several vertical and horizontal wells in one model
  • Provide a three-dimensional and geomechanical model of the earth
  • Ability to provide two-dimensional data from the ground surface and the position of oil wells
  • Modeling of longitudinal and transverse failure components
  • Diagnostic analysis of pressure
  • Production forecasting and analysis of transient state and unstable well conditions

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