Interactive Petrophysics IP 2020 (Unlimited pcs)

Interactive Petrophysics IP 2020

Interactive Petrophysics; IP is an innovative, comprehensive, flexible, specialized and fast software that different students can use from different fields such as geologists and reservoir engineers and petrophysicists. The user-friendly interface of this software makes it easy for different people to work with and enhances the potential of using the program. In the new version of the program, various features have been optimized and modified. This software helps you to make the desired decisions based on the wall and the wall of the holes that deal with the cement. You can enter all the required Rajab data into the program with various tools and advanced ultrasonic tools, and then model. The program also supports multiple models.

While the user is simulating the model of this program, he can extract the information and data he wants. The reports and reports of this software are displayed in a clear and transparent style so that the user can easily understand the results of the analysis of this program. Separate and multiple analyzes are performed on the target area and the best results are calculated. Self Organizing Maps is a powerful and, of course, new tool for analyzes related to stone, reservoir, and so on.

The software is now owned by Lloyd’s Register.

Features and features of Interactive Petrophysics software; IP:

  • Interaction with histogram diagram
  • New curved lines and formulas
  • New densities
  • Database Update
  • Video analyzes have improved.
  • Improvements in lithology








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