INTERSECT 2024.1 (One PC)


Schlumberger INTERSECT is a powerful reservoir simulation software developed by Schlumberger Limited. Repository simulation software is the main tool of students and scientists in the field of reservoir engineering, which uses existing data and current conditions to estimate the future behavior and reactions of a reservoir in different operating conditions. Intersect is a scalable and infinitely flexible software and can be used in solving various engineering challenges. The excellent and guaranteed physics and performance of the software make it a safe and cost-effective option. The final data of these simulations can help engineers and stakeholders to understand and develop hydrocarbon interactions. Doing these simulations with conventional methods is very expensive and not very economical.

The final data of these simulations are used in field development planning (FDP) and reservoir management processes and improve overall accuracy and performance. Among the most important applications of this software are modeling water injection into oil reservoirs, increasing oil extraction using steam injection method and managing unstructured extraction networks. With the help of this simulation and its accurate data, engineers can make better decisions in the development of oil fields and the construction of infrastructure, and to avoid wasting costs and energy to a large extent.

Schlumberger INTERSECT Features:

  • Quality and accurate modeling of complex geological structures
  • Accurate and detailed formulation of oil extraction
  • Application of steam injection method and heating techniques in the field of oil extraction
  • Advanced control of drilling processes and field management of oil resources
  • Creating personalized and unique software solutions in the field of field modeling and management
  • Advanced geological modeling to accurately and realistically simulate reservoir behavior
  • Deep understanding of the quality and quantity of geological risks in order to determine the profitability and economic viability of the project
  • Create several different geological models simultaneously and compare them to evaluate different scenarios
  • Connecting and pairing INTERSECT simulations to networks, infrastructure and other simulation tools via the IAM module
  • Ability to develop customized scripts with Python language in the software environment
  • Use machine learning techniques to perform intelligent and data-driven simulations

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