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DrillWorks geomechanically software Halliburton’s product allows geological engineers and other branches of petroleum engineering to gain a better understanding of the earth’s subsurface conditions, to learn about problems during drilling and reservoir production, and to avoid potential costs. Analysis and model of  Pore ​​Pressure And the geomechanically conditions of the reservoir are very important to identify drilling problems, reduce uncertainty and increase efficiency and safety in the design of well holes and increase efficiency.

Features released with Drillworks 20.0.0

• Migration from ESRI ArcGIS Engine to ArcGIS Runtime.

• Support for WITSML WMLS Schema Version

• Customer reported issues. See Drillworks 20.0.0 Release Notes for a full listing.

Previous New Features

Drillworks 5000.8.5

• Added support for ESRI ArcGIS Engine 10.4.

• Added Edit Special features for fracture initiation pressure data set.

• Added support for displaying data above 0 (negative) on track views.

• Added support for null values of -9999 when importing data sets.

• Added feature to turn on and off text attributes when displayed on a track.

• Customer reported issues. See Drillworks 5000.8.5 Release Notes for a full listing.

Drillworks 5000.8.4.1

• Added support for ESRI ArcGIS Engine 10.3

• Added support for Oracle 12c

• Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2014/2016

• Added support for Microsoft Windows 10.

Working in 3D

A separate project is not necessary for using the 3D feature. Any project can be opened in Drillworks 3D software as long as the project boundaries have been established and the wells have defined locations.

Recent features include

• processing OpenWorks® velocity data for pore pressure cubes to be displayed in DecisionSpace® software (with appropriate licenses). See Processing Velocity Data from OpenWorks.

• importing OpenWorks velocity brick data. See Importing Seismic Data from OpenWorks.

• extracting points from imported velocity brick files and creating datasets to be displayed on track views. See Exporting Multiple Datasets.

• importing and displaying Presage horizons, faults and surfaces directly in 3D

• importing other surface map formats

• importing structure maps from velocity modeling

• designating a surface as the mudline in cube

• displaying wells and wellbores on cubes and map for analysis

• new display and manipulation of surfaces

Drillworks 3D software is part of the Drillworks Standard software suite.

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