Landmark EDT 5000.16


Landmark is a product of Holly Burton Drilling and Evaluation, which has launched the R5000. Software release simultaneously with the promotion of more than 70 products. The launch of this software offers an unprecedented level of integration of oil and gas operators.

Landmark Features:

  • An open environment for innovation: The DecisionSpace environment allows you to create a coherent flow of Landmark products, custom applications. With this version, users benefit from new features such as drag-and-drop capability and increased shared viewing for each application in the DecisionSpace environment.
  • Simple data management: Operators can provide trail processing for future generations to preserve critical information.
  • The OpenWorks R5000 database also integrates 2D and 3D seismic data for workflow power.
  • Interpretation of the superior sciences: Powerful promotion of earth science programs. Among the new features specifically designed to increase user productivity when exploring, in PowerView software for level interpretation, new tools allow collaboration for good planning, critical project capture and scenario information, in the new version of GeoProbe The industry-leading application for 3D rendering and visualization, users can now access 2D data directly from OpenWorks.
  • Drilling Circulation and Productivity Increase: The data entry form is now closely matched to the data, and the turnover required for a particular company can be customized.
  • More accurate stock estimates: With newer versions of Nexus and Decision Management System (DMS), operators can better reduce uncertainty, combine risk factors and business goals in workflow planning.

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