OLGA 2019


Schlumberger OLGA is software for modeling and simulating multiphase flow, which is a dynamic process. The program was first formally offered by Statoil, which was later acquired by the SPT Group, and after the acquisition by Schlumberger, Schlumberger or Schlumberger took over the development. In Olga software, various types of pipeline networks, which include various process equipment such as compressors, valves, heat exchangers, pumps, etc., can be modeled and simulated dynamically.

Features and specifications of Schlumberger OLGA software  :

  • Accurate and advanced simulation and modeling of flow inside pipes
  • Ability to simulate the dynamics of oil and gas pipes in different conditions
  • Ability to calculate and import various components such as heat transfer between the pipeline wall and the environment, pipe branching, pipe corrosion and…
  • Performing calculations and analysis in steady-state to investigate flow problems and challenges
  • Time-dependent or transient flow simulation to maximize production potential
  • Ability to assess environmental impacts
  • Ability to simulate and accurately predict the main and key conditions of operations such as startup, shutdown, Pigging operation and…



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