OLGA 2023.1 (one pc)

The OLGA* dynamic multiphase flow simulator models time-dependent behaviors. Dynamic The OLGA* dynamic multiphase flow simulator models time-dependent behaviors. Dynamic simulation is extensively used in both offshore and onshore field developments. From wellbore dynamics – for any well completion – to pipeline operations – for process systems containing any type of equipment – the OLGA simulator provides an accurate prediction of key operational conditions involving transient flow. Together with the PIPESIM* steady-state multiphase flow simulator, Schlumberger provides a complete software solution for design and optimization of production systems.

These notes accompany the release of OLGA 2020.1 from Schlumberger. The notes describe These notes accompany the release of OLGA 2020.1 from Schlumberger. The notes describe changes in OLGA 2020.1 relative to OLGA 2019.1. This document should be read by all users of the program. The complete program documentation consists of the OLGA help, installation guide and these release notes. In addition, module specific help is available.

OLGA 2023.1 is released with the capability of:

Opening OLGA cases from OLGA Model Management.

Running cases locally.

Publishing models and simulation results back to OLGA Model Management.

Easily tracking model versions and changes.

Comparing cases.

The solution is subscription based. You must have a Delfi user account and an OLGA license.

The OLGA GUI will have some new functionality related to the OLGA Model Management.

Multiflash library updated

The Multiflash library has been updated from 7.3.32 to 7.3.42 The new version contains several minor


Features and specifications of Schlumberger OLGA software  :

– Accurate and advanced simulation and modeling of flow inside pipes

– Ability to simulate the dynamics of oil and gas pipes in different conditions

– Ability to calculate and enter various components such as heat transfer between the pipeline wall and the environment, pipe branching, pipe corrosion and…

– Performing calculations and analysis in steady-state to investigate flow problems and challenges

– Time-dependent or transient flow simulation to maximize production potential

Ability to assess environmental impacts

– Ability to simulate and accurately predict the main and key conditions of operations such as start-up, shutdown, Pigging operation.

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