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Industrial Software and Engineering simulation of hydrocarbon reservoirs Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation of Technical Services Schlumberger is the most complete and most modern of methods of numerical flow into the reservoir to predict and compliance history of the dynamic behavior of different types of normal It is abnormally oil and gas. Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation has gained the highest rankings among competing software in the last three decades due to its extraordinary capabilities, high speed, parallel solution solving and..

With more than 800 companies in more than 70 countries using this software, Schlumberger ECLIPSE Simulation software has become inaccessible software in the field of interaction with petroleum engineers, so that this software In recent years, the software has become the standard software for simulating hydrocarbon tanks in large industrial companies. Also, the fact that more than 1,500 SPE articles have been referred to this software so far indicates that this software is of great importance among the academic and industrial communities.

Features and characteristics of Schlumberger ECLIPSE software:

  • Simulation of hydrocarbon reservoirs in the form of black oil, Compositional
  • Ability to simulate thermal overheating (Thermal Simulation)
  • Ability to simulate oil tanks in parallel to reduce simulation time
  • Excellent interaction with PETREL modeling software
  • Ability to simulate chemical over-harvesting methods such as polymer injection, surfactant and foam
  • Excellent interaction with reservoir fluid properties simulation software such as PVTi, PVTSIM, Win Prop
  • Excellent ability to simulate massive industrial projects
  • Excellent ability to simulate unusual oil and gas reservoirs (Unconventional Reservoirs)
  • Has very powerful and comprehensive manuals for ease of working with relativity software to other software
  • Powerful software support by Schlumberger
  • Powerful in simulating carbonate and rift tanks


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