Schlumberger Petrel 2020.3

Schlumberger Petrel is an integrated software for studying and solving all underground challenges, including seismic information interpretation and reservoir simulation. Petrel provides an integrated process for the development and monitoring of static and dynamic reservoir models, thus eliminating all communication problems between different software for the preparation and development of these models separately and the inconsistency of input data at any stage or loss. It prevents them from being lost during data exchange, which occurs when using different software.

Features of Schlumberger Petrel software:

– All the necessary tools from seismic interpretation to reservoir simulation are integrated in an integrated software, which solves all the problems of import / export of data between software.

– Very strong 3D display capability

– Ability to update very quickly when entering new data to make faster and safer decisions

– Ability to copy / paste results and data in any program under Windows for simple and fast preparation of various reports

– Has a user-friendly graphical interface with undo / redo capability and model history storage for easier use and learning

Features of Petrel software:

Collaboration and communication of different disciplines

It takes some time to understand that integration is a vital necessity. However, data integration is just the beginning, and to have a clear view of repositories with complex structures, work processes need to be integrated. This will lead to the protection and absorption of information from exploration to production, or in other words from oil system modelers to reservoir engineering and beyond, and will lead to the fact that all will have a common vision of the underground reservoir. Whether the user is working on the exploration of deep water wells or is preparing a community drilling program in shale rocks, petrel provides multidisciplinary touring capabilities.

Simple and easy access to various sciences

In the past, the proper use of science meant preparing and using different applications and separating and isolating different sciences from each other. Petrel brings together a wide range of sciences, from reservoir modeling to computer processing in prestack and history-matching modeling. Provided to development teams.

Increase workflow productivity

Given the growing need of the industry to increase the efficiency of complex reservoirs, increasing productivity is essential and vital. Petrel software supports repetitive and automated workflows to achieve the best actionable actions / outputs in order to share them throughout the organization. New data is easily incorporated into the models, which leads to the constant updating of existing models of underground reservoirs.

Uncertainty analysis and workflow optimization make it possible to check and test the sensitivity of parameters and analyze different scenarios. The new studio has increased productivity by providing databases that allow multiple users access and the ability to work on the model jointly across the organization.

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