Schlumberger Techlog 2021.1.1 + Plugins


Schlumberger Techlog is a very powerful software with a completely integrated environment with all the features needed to process data and show results. This software is able to process data related to  geology , drilling , and  reservoir Production engineering and geophysics . Other capabilities of this software include geology including image log analysis, texture analysis, depth meter log analysis, core analysis, etc., drilling including well wall stability analysis.

Features and features of Techlog software:

  • Studio environment: Techlog software  currently  uses  a multidisciplinary studio environment for closer workflow and collaboration than before . This significant development  has improved the data . The studio environment  has features such  as      Notifications , repositories and projects are  different browsers and collaboration tools .  
  • Ocean framework:  Extensibility through software development framework is the most popular  feature of this software. This step change in productivity and scalability has been made possible by opening up software platforms for innovative applications and  plug-in creation by third-party companies . 
  • Techlog platform: the ability to save licenses for use among different people in the company, the addition of ribbons.
  •  Geomechanics Geomechanics
  • Geology: This feature has  improved the workflow of the algorithm and the ability to extract the communication page in LogView using a graphic engine .
  • Petrophysics:  Petrophysics 3D module with local model layer mode and Fast Neutron EcoScope model , forward has progressed _
  • Drilling:  Drilling analysis includes a breakdown of operations and the drilling wizard for drilling performance and the circulation for hole cleaning has been updated .
  • Geophysics: This section has  rock physics capabilities including replacement of multimineral fluids , shear speed modeling  Upscaling and amplitude versus angle (Ava) analysis .

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