Techlog 2018 (one pc)

Techlog has been continually developed and tested for the last 18 years. The result is a truly leading wellbore centric platform that is faster, more usable, and more stable, than ever before.

Usability and performance has continued to be a major focus for the 2018.1 release, with an improved display interaction using the LogView, a new CRS tool to quality control and properly georeference your data, as well as a new Python 3.6 engine to enhance the extensibility of the Techlog platform and deliver unparalleled productivity.

The Geomechanics workflow has been updated and enhanced to improve the usability and support of new algorithms. 3D Petrophysics has been extended to support advanced workflows and to ensure a comprehensive data exchange with the Petrel E&P software platform. There is continued commitment to enable the processing compatibility of new tools on the market, enhancing the confidence you have in your data and overall data quality.

Techlog 2018.1 Key Developments:


  • Exporting data now runs in the background without affecting the use of the Techlog platform
  • New CRS editor to manage the well location information
  • CRS catalog aligned with Petrel and Studio platforms
  • Creation of map with Basemap tool using Spatially aware or unware data
  • Map converter from current Basemap CRS
  • New right-click options to insert and edit new or existing zonation in LogView
  • Depth shift plug-in has been onboarded in Techlog package
  • Responsiveness of LogView has been improved
  • Performances improvements on zonation editing and creation in LogView
  • Performances improvements on zone-type sorting into the catalog
  • Improved display performance of the Basemap (well projection)
  • Python 3.6 has been introduced in Techlog 2018.1
  • Dedicated editor to run Python 3.6 scripts
  • Tool to automatically convert scripts from 2.7 to 3.6
  • With Python 3.6, you can now install any libraries on top of Python 3.6 using the command line pip install
  • Workflow interface properties have been added to the Python editor to customize workflow interface script at the start
  • Guru premium content is now available for free download using the Guru content manager tool
  • Guru license is part of the Techlog core license

Studio platform

  • Techlog 2018.1 now enables Studio quality attributes, for the Business project, Confidence factor, Data status and Comments
  • A new Quality Tag application from Studio Manager lets you edit the data items quality attributes
  • When transferring items from the Studio platform, the following information is available: number of items to be retrieved and their retrieved, their estimated size
  • Retrieve wells and their content from multiple repositories (not only a copy of the wells)
  • Variable values are now only saved to the studio repository when selecting the send to studio action, they are no longer sent upon saving the Techlog project.


  • D&M Spectral GR (DSGR): corrects spectral GR data for hole size, mud weight, tool eccentricity and Barite presence in the mud
  • 3DPH:
    • Simplification of the neutron initialization and forward modeling (EcoScope) in Global Layer Mode
    • Add the support for Neutron initialization and forward modeling (EcoScope) in Local Layer Model
    • New Min/Max property initialization logic
    • Usability: improvement of log insert display in LogView panel, menu reorganization
    • New structure for the online help
  • 3DPV:
    • Property initialization logic and user interface upgrade
    • Handling of dips (preparing for use in 3DPV and exporting dips from 3DPV geometry)
    • New Min/Max property initialization logic
    • Usability: improvement of interactivity between panels, preserving display properties of forward model logs
    • Performance: induction inversion is now more than three times faster than previous versions

Borehole Imaging

  • Performs the processing, post-processing and dip-handling for the new Slim QGEO and ThruBit FMI tools from Schlumberger


  • The list of sonic tools supported in the Techlog platform has been enhanced to cover the following tools (Antares XDA, Halliburton BSTA, Halliburton Xaminer)


  • Fracture stability now only requires the WBS license and is automatically part of the Techlog installation.
  • Ability to delete trendline from the LogView
  • Ability to save a trendline as a variable
  • Listen mode is enabled for single well
  • New Bowers cross-plot for slowness with charts adjusted automatically with the correct limits
  • Separate buoyancy and centroid script in two different scripts
  • Centroid depth can be chosen to be at any depth
  • New failure criteria: Drucker-Prager (inscribed and circumscribed)
  • New failure criteria: Stassi d’Alia
  • Failure arc method: Evaluate shear failure for a given width of breakout
  • Failure arc method: Enabled for Drucker-Prager and Mohr-Coulomb

Rock physics

  • Two new methods have been introduced to provide the option of automatic calibration of the Han equations for the compressional and shear velocities. The calibration process is an inverse problem where the residual function is subject to the selection of a norm. The provided methods are flexible and would allow for the selection of a variety of norms.




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