tNavigator 21.1 x64


tNavigator is a powerful software for dynamically simulating oil and gas reservoirs. The program is a collaborative effort of researchers and the RFD development team. This program can be installed on personal systems, laptops, servers and even HPC clusters. The program is written in C ++ and utilizes the latest in parallel processing technologies and hardware accelerators. The processing speed and performance of this program is proportional to the hardware power of the host system.

Certainly if you run the application on cluster systems with multiple processing cores you will see a dramatic increase in the speed of simulation and processing operations. No technology has been used to maximize the processing speed of complex models, NUMA, Hyperthreading, MPI / SMP hybrid computing, etc. have been well utilized. All of these technologies have been used to serve the program with maximum performance and outperform other competitors with significant differences.

On the product introduction page, interactive simulation is one of the main features of this product. In fact, unlike other simulation tools, this product not only allows for instant monitoring of tank simulation operations, but also allows users to modify their demands and parameters during the simulation with a few clicks of the mouse. See the results. This facilitates the simulation and parametric study of the oil and gas reservoirs and will certainly save a great deal of time. We recommend using tNavigator as one of the top tools in this field if you are involved in tank simulation processes or even need research for your final thesis.

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