VISTA 2021


Schlumberger VISTA is a specialized software for extracting and processing seismic data, published by Schlumberger Limited. This software is a comprehensive and practical tool for seismic information analysis of different regions and quality control and quality management of QC and can easily use the data collected from continental lands, coastal areas, vertical seismography and …. This software is used in almost all stages and stages of data collection and processing and can help engineers in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional interpretation of seismic data. The data and results provided by the software can be analyzed in the form of data formats and can be used in various industries and academic and research disciplines. The user interface and workflow of the software is very simple and smooth and the user can easily move between windows and different parts of the software.Interconnected and interactive windows help you easily evaluate different datasets and learn about hidden connections between different data. It is possible for the user to develop his personal algorithms depending on the project prerequisites and enter the C ++ and MATLAB SDK codes directly into the software. This software supports the latest and most modern processing capabilities such as AVO, Angle of incidence, Multi-component processing, 2D and 3D VSP processing.

Schlumberger VISTA Features:

  • Icon-driven and simple user interface with fast and smooth learning process
  • Interactive and interlinked windows for display on several different screens
  • Interactive and advanced tools for seismic forecasting and quality control
  • Ability to develop and program personalized algorithms

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