WellCAD 5.5

WellCAD is the name of engineering and specialized software in the field of drilling. In fact, the software in front of you as a seismic tool has many applications in drilling. This program allows you to analyze your statistical data in a very convenient environment. Drawing and the possibility of analyzing and interpreting specialized charts is another feature that you can do using this software. The product in front of you is also a powerful interactive data management program.

WellCAD software is also able to meet all the needs of users at the enterprise level. Leading companies in the fields of oil, gas, mining and environment, etc. use this product. The interactive user interface of this software is another advantage of this product. You can turn your data into various diagrams in the best way so that they can be understood by this software. This software can be used at different work levels and does not impose any restrictions on the user.

The possibility of using different tools and modules by this software allows you to carry out your work in the most professional way and with great precision. The developers of this software have tried to maximize the efficiency of the tools and modules provided. Finally, it should be mentioned that this software can be mentioned as an ideal product for seismic analysis and drilling.

Features and specifications of WellCAD software:

  • Very convenient user interface to simplify the user’s work
  • Existence of various analyzer tools for interpreting data
  • Ability to convert your statistical data in the form of various charts
  • Display live data instantly with the smallest changes
  • Existence of alias tables to familiarize the user with some terms
  • 3D display of your modeled data
  • And…

New in WellCAD v5.5 427

  • Fixed– Velocity Analysis: When merging FWS Logs the sample rate might change and become non-constant. Since the Velocity Analysis does not handle non-constant sample steps a warning message will be displayed to avoid producing depth shifted results. We advice to process the individual FWS runs first and then merge the data to avoid problems.
  • Fixed– Structure Log: When inserting a pick using a single left click, the Feature Depth was not assigned correctly.
  • Fixed– Structure Log: Measuring the aperture using the SHIFT+CTRL+LDrag mouse action could cause performance issues linked to a screen refresh issue. This has been corrected.
  • Fixed– Structure Log: Structure types are now accessible within the tabular editor again and custom values can be entered as well.
  • Fixed– The Stack Spectra process is no longer protected by an add-on module.
  • Fixed– The FWS Module Filter process handles No Data traces correctly now.
  • Fixed– Statistics Bar: When using two columns for the same log and same statistics it caused WellCAD to hang-up.
  • Fixed– ROP Average: The process handles Well Logs as input correctly now.
  • New in WellCAD v5.5 b214The WellCAD licensing and update procedure has been improved. When starting WellCAD 5.5, dongle users will see a notification dialog box being displayed when they are entitled to use the new WellCAD version. There are no more activation files sent by email. Please refer to the License and Modules Info chapter.Users of Flexnet network licenses entitled to a free upgrade will receive a new license file.Please note that the support of 32bit versions of WellCAD is discontinued.Basic ModuleNew – Spinner Flowmeter Calibration: A new workspace to calibrate spinner flowmeter tools has been implemented.New – Flow Velocity and Volume Flow process: This new process for spinner flowmeter data makes use of the calibration model and computes fluid flow velocity and bulk volume flow.Improved – Interval Flow Workspace: The functionality of the workspace has been improved to handle in- and out-flow. It is also possible now to insert interval boundaries with a single click rather than defining no-flow zones.New – The name of the Borehole Deviation menu changed into Drilling & Borehole Survey. New processes like the TVD and ROP have been added and others been moved into the menu.New – The new TVD process provides an easy way to create TVD depth (TVDBGL, TVDSS, TVDBML, …)and Elevation axes from tilt measurements or existing TVD data.New – A new process to compute the average Rate Of Penetration (ROP) over custom depth intervals has been added..New – The Help menu contains a new Tutorials entry pointing to the Getting Started tutorials and data available installed with WellCAD. The user is free to access from here any other folder and open literature and video provided by the support team.Improved – The performance of several processes (Color Classification, Image Normalization, )Fix – The depth in exported CSV or TXT now corresponds to the chosen master depth axis in WellCAD.
  • ISI Module
  • New – Lineation Log: A new log type is available which enables picking of linear structures intersecting the borehole such as a fold axis (see also Picking linear features in ISI).
  • New – Partial Picks: The option to display selected parts of a fitted sinusoid and generate partial picks has been added to the Structure Log and ISI Workspace.
  • New – Insert New dialog boxes for Structure, Breakout and Lineation log types have been extended to allow caliper and depth of investigation properties.
  • New – The option to apply a Terzaghi correction to Polar & Rose Logs, Dips Workspace and Structure Interval Statistics has been added.
  • New – Export of the statistics displayed below the Polar and Rose diagrams in ISI as a CSV file.
  • New – 3D Log Properties: Change the View Angle facing the user and rotate the 3D Log by entering the desired value or using a spin control.
  • New – Option to exchange the pick classification dictionary in the ISI Workspace.
  • New – Option to turn picked aperture values into classification attributes in the ISI Workspace.
  • Improved – When exporting data from an ISI Workspace you can select a target log in the borehole document which will receive the data. ISI Structure and ISI Breakout log names have been renamed to Apparent Picks and Breakouts. The same improvement has been added to all other workspaces.
  • Improved – Vertical grid line properties can now be set for Image and RGB log types.
  • Improved – Core Image Cropper: The number of row (channel) rectangles can be set to any desired value.
  • Improved – Image Complexity Map (ICM): The ISI workspace will open faster when the option to compute the ICM has been selected. A new “Main Log” property has been added to the Workspace Settings in order to specify which log is shown in the Navigation Bar and from for which log in the workspace the ICM will be computed.
  • Fixed – The image log created by the Calculate Caliper process was mistakenly named “Caliper ….” and has been named to “Radius …” since it contains radius values. You might want to update your alias tables or scripts to take this name change into account.
  • Automation Module
  • New – Script Editor: This new fully WellCAD embedded editor allows the creation and execution of Visual Basic Scripts (VBS) support by syntax highlighting and an Object Browser.
  • Improved A number of new Get / Set methods to retrieve and replace data in logs has been added to the Automation Syntax of the Log object.
  • FWS Module
  • New – A process to compute a Cement Bond Index and the Compressive Strength of the cement has been added.
  • LIS/DLIS Module
  • New – The FMS/FMI Wizard has been replaced by two dialog boxes to handle the import of BHI data and the configuration of BHI tools.
  • CoreCAD
  • New – Lithology dictionaries covering the Shell 1995 series have been added to the default WellCAD\Dictionaries folder under the installation path.
  • New – Templates for basic Clastics and Carbonates core descriptions have been added to the default WellCAD\Templates folder under the installation path.

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